A world-class Automotive consultancy company at the service of any smart mobility player to become one highly skilled team.

We help deliver best-in-class quality services and products, compliant with the highest safety and security automotive standards.


Autonomous Driving & ADAS








Eskube Srl is as a world-class consultancy firm in Electronics & SW Systems.

We provide to smart-mobility players a multi-year experience in key areas such as new technologies scouting, market and technical skills combined to well-known automotive safety and security standards in order to compete on equal terms with the established giants.

We support our customers by extending their teams with our expertise, quickly deploying skills so that they can claim the acquired capabilities for themselves.

11Quality Management SystemsWe Partner to shape the Quality Management Systems to address Automotive applications (ISO 26262, ISO21448 and ISOSAE 21434, ASPICE …)
11Electronics DesignWe are strongly technical, and have direct contribution to System Designs (Embedded Electronics and SW, Functional Safety and Security, Model Based SW Design, ASIC/ SoC)
11Innovation, Strategy & Business DevelopmentWe help shaping Innovation, business development and corporate strategy vision

If you are an OEM, a TIERx or a start-up willing to enter the automotive industry or seeking to scale your business, get in touch with us.
We enable and support your growth.

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