A world-class Automotive consultancy company at the service of any smart mobility player to become one highly skilled team.

We help deliver best-in-class quality services and products, compliant with the highest safety and security automotive standards.

Company profile

Eskube Srl is a world-class consultancy firm in Electronics & SW Systems in the Automotive sector, focused on Electric and Autonomous Mobility; It has specific experience and skills in the field of Electronic & Software Systems (such as ADAS systems for example), and helps OEMs and TIERs to meet Safety and Security standards, such as ISO 26262, ISO21448 and ISOSAE 21434, in addition to Automotive SPICE standard.

Through the in-depth knowledge of such Systems, Eskube is also able to provide a strategic vision on the Automotive market, favoring the entry of new players through shaping corporate innovation and product strategies.

Eskube has one office in Milan (Italy) and one office in San Jose (US) in the heart of Silicon Valley and therefore best placed to serve the Automotive hubs in Europe and the emerging market in the US.


Automotive Cybersecurity will become nonnegotiable in the long run, and these trends create opportunities for all players to either differentiate themselves or generate additional business with new offerings.

In the next decade, the automotive industry will face a magnitude of change that has not been seen in a century. This change will be driven primarily by four mutually reinforcing trends, i.e., autonomous, connected, electric, and shared (ACES) vehicles.

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If you are an OEM, a TIERx or a start-up willing to enter the automotive industry or seeking to scale your business, get in touch with us.
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